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About Us

Richard got his first journalism job at IT pro in 2009, writing news and features about the latest IT trends and business technology. He then freelanced for the best part of a year, contributing work to a variety of publications (Den of Geek, Fortean Times, Expert Reviews, and Asylum UK), before joining Know Your Mobile full time in 2010.

As KYM’s Editor , Richard spends most of his time whipping the minions into action. He has appeared on Sky News, BBC Radio 2, and Bloomberg. Outside of work, Richard enjoys futile human activities like socialising, reading, music, traveling, red wine, and watching all sorts of strange and wonderful films on his gigantic HDTV.

Reviews Editor

Following stints as both an intern and an outside freelancer for Know Your Mobile, Paul was working as an in-house freelancer for the site for about a year before being taken on staff full-time in September 2012. Paul’s managed to jump up the ranks to Reviews Editor, allowing him to play with all the latest tech.

Before becoming a journalist, Paul worked in the video games industry and gained an Archaeology degree from Exeter University. It’s fair to say he finds anything techy or creative interesting. Video games are still a big passion and a favourite pastime but Paul also loves films, London’s varied cuisine, proper coffee and spending time in the pub.

James Peckham

Staff Writer