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Booze calculator: What’s your ingesting nationality?

How does your ingesting measure as much as the typical in international locations world wide? Discover out beneath in case you are just like a boozy Belarusian or a teetotal Kuwaiti.

You drink most such as you’re from

(however this isn’t an excellent match)

Not a drinker?
Most individuals from Kuwait additionally abstain

How apt!


Litres of pure alcohol per 12 months

You drink extra closely than individuals from Belarus, the heaviest-drinking nation on this planet

Litres of pure alcohol per individual per 12 months, by nation


Belarus (17.5 litres)


Kuwait (zero.1 litres)

General alcohol consumption:



No information

International locations and their favorite sort of alcoholic drink:

Map showing countries and their favourite type of alcoholic drink





No information

What is supposed by ‘different’ drinks?

Alcoholic drinks produced from malted barley rely as beer, these from fermented grapes as wine, and all distilled drinks are categorised as spirits.

However that leaves out a variety of sources of alcohol. So cider, produced from apples or pears, or sake, produced from rice, are separated out into the “different” class by the World Well being Group, which compiles the drinks information revealed on this web page.

Beer produced from sorghum would additionally fall into the “different” class, which is why this class is dominant in giant components of sub-Saharan Africa – sorghum is a grain that thrives in sizzling climates and may stand up to harsh droughts.

Fortified wines corresponding to port, made with a hybrid fermentation course of that features distillation, are separated from common wine and listed as “different” by the WHO.

Concerning the calculator

The closest-matching nation calculation relies on a comparability of your information with the typical alcohol consumption of beer, wine, spirits and all different drinks lumped collectively for the complete inhabitants of every nation within the WHO’s information: males, ladies, drinkers and non-drinkers of all ages over 15.

It assumes, because the WHO does, that the typical pint of beer or cider is 5% alcohol by quantity, that wine is usually 12%, that spirits are 40%, fortified wines are 17.5%, and sake 9%.

Concerning the information

The WHO collates and publishes country-level information on total per-capita alcohol consumption, damaged down by sort of drink, which relies on tax receipts or import-export information. In international locations the place these kinds of official statistics are unavailable, business information is used as a substitute.

Along with this, the organisation tries to quantify the quantity of “unrecorded” alcohol consumed, which can have been home-brewed or smuggled into the nation – or taken from sources not meant for human consumption.

This second class, which the WHO experiences is bigger than the official class in some international locations – and highest of all in Moldova – is underpinned by survey information or, if all else fails, “skilled opinion”.

As a consequence, the statistics on this web page aren’t with out uncertainty. For full particulars on strategies and confidence intervals, please see the WHO web site.

Roughly what number of models of alcohol are in every drink?

  • Single shot of spirits (25ml): 1 unit
  • Commonplace (175ml) glass of wine: 2.1 models
  • Massive (250ml) glass of wine: three models
  • Pint of four%-strength beer: 2.three models
  • Pint of 5%-strength beer: 2.eight models
  • Pint of sturdy cider (eight%): four.5 models

What’s the official recommendation on alcohol consumption?

To maintain well being dangers from alcohol to a low degree it’s best to not drink greater than 14 models every week, in line with official tips within the UK.

Should you do drink greater than this quantity it’s best to unfold your ingesting evenly over three or extra days.

The danger of well being issues, together with some cancers, will increase the extra you drink regularly.

The World Well being Group defines ingesting closely as consuming greater than 7.5 models in a single event.

Consuming this a lot at the least as soon as a month “is related to detrimental penalties even when the typical degree of alcohol consumption of the individual involved is comparatively low”, it says.

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